Canada’s Top Basketball Betting Sites in 2022

Betting on basketball is a great way to spice up your day with some excitement. You can find sites that have everything you need, including live draws and in-play betting options!

Whether you’re a betting addict who loves to play the odds, or just want an edge in your next game—our Odds Calculator is perfect for helping bettors find that perfect confidence booster.

Types of Basketball Betting Bonuses

A bet on the basketball game is considered to be one of, if not the most popular wagers made. The reason for this? It’s one where you can get excited and passionate about your selection – whether win or lose!

  • The moneyline

    The most straightforward way to bet on basketball is with a Moneyline wager. All you have to do for this type of play, as opposed let’s say an odds-loving style like college football where one can also find sides and point spreads but no total: all that matters when placing your bets is whether they’re higher or lower than what has been set out by the bookmakers at registration time (which will usually be before game morning). In hoops, there’s always something worth betting on—whether it means taking advantage after some player falls.

    • The favourite will have a number preceded by a minus. So, if this is -150, you have to bet C$150 to win C$100.
    • The underdog will have a number preceded by a plus. If this is +240, you will win C$240 for a C$100 bet.
  • Total points – over or under

    Betting on sports is all about balancing risk and potential reward. The more points a team scores, the higher their bet will be in proportion to what you think they’ll score – but if fewer than expected do indeed end up scoring then your losing power increases as well!

    The over-under is highly popular. Most sports fans want to see an exciting game, so they back their overs and that can mean there’s good value in the under!

    Types of Basketball Betting Bonuses

  • Point spread

    Handicapping a sports bet is the act of setting up an advantage for one team over another. The bookie will usually set their margin, which can be anything from -7 points all way to 15 in case you think that your chosen side has no chance of winning by more than 7 possessions or so. It’s important when placing these types of bets not only to understand what exactly “handicap” means but also how much difference there needs to make between teams before considering backing them.

    If you think the underdog will win or that favourites are likely to lose by less than a spread, then it is best for betting purposes if they do.

  • Quarter bets

    You can bet on total points in each quarter, and which team will score more of them.

  • Prop bets

    Proposition bets are wagers that depend on events happening within a game.

    Let’s say you’re a betting man, and your crystal ball tells you that the team to score first is going to win. But will they be able to do so without allowing their opponent any points? I’m not sure who would take this bet if it were offered today but back then there was no way of knowing whether or not one side could just lay down while waiting for themselves until finally scoring again because everyone thought games like soccer started slow!

  • Future bets

    The longer you wait to bet on a team, the better your odds will be. You should always try and predict which way they’re going so that when it’s time for betting all those who want in on this action can get their fill!

  • Parlays

    Also known as accumulators, these wagers allow you to bet on the outcome of more than one game. You can win big for small stakes – but every result has to be in before they collect!

Types of Basketball Betting Bonuses

The betting industry is a competitive one, so sportsbooks are always looking for innovative ways to attract customers. They want people who will become loyal Clients and spend money with them over time instead of just joining once or going elsewhere after their first bet has been placed on the site Output: Innovative marketing strategies have led bookmakers in recent years as they realize that it’s not enough simply being number one anymore; you need clients who love coming back again and again if your goal is a long-term success!

Bonuses are an effective way of drawing in new clients. There’s the “normal” bonus, which can be anything from cash or points redeemable for products and services; there are also variable bonuses that change with time like sweepstakes entries (you must enter them before you’re eligible) or point achievements on social media sites such as Facebook where they’ll post your photo and name next to some fan art if it has been rated high enough by other users who might want this too! Finally, we come upon toxic incentives – these may seem tempting at first but don’t forget what will happen after one person.

  • Welcome Bonus

    • The moment you become a new customer of a sportsbook, you get a free bet or a multiple of your initial deposit
    • It is unusual for a sportsbook not to offer a welcome bonus these days, such is the competitiveness of the market in which they operate
    • Be sure to check the T&Cs forensically so you can be sure the bonus you are getting matches the big headline
  • Enhanced Odds

    • If there’s a big event on the way, it’s worth looking out for an offer of enhanced odds
    • In most cases these apply to the result of the game, but occasionally they apply to another popular market
    • Existing customers tend to be offered these enhanced odds, as well as new customers. However, stake limits may apply
  • VIP Club

    • A persuasive way for sportsbooks to incentivize their regular bettors to remain loyal is by inviting them to join a VIP club
    • Customers who are targeted in this way are encouraged to feel special and valued
    • The VIP status can earn you free bets, special offers or enhanced prices that may not be available to less established customers

Main Basketball Competitions to Bet on

  • National Basketball Association (the NBA)

    The National Basketball Association is where dreams come true. It’s not just about being the best basketball player; it’s also an opportunity for anyone who wants to be famous or start their career in this amazing sport! There are 30 teams, 29 in America and one team across Canada-the Toronto Raptors.

    The NBA has decided that the regular season will be extended by one game, from its current plan of 50 to 51. As a result, there are now two conferences with five teams in each conference going forward until playoffs where the top four qualify for play-offs and finals; winners win 2 out 3 games played against an opponent who finishes 5th or lowers respectively. In 2021 when this change was made all hell broke loose as experts predicted major consequences on business both macro (TV ratings) but also micro level like how much players would earn per night because their salaries depend upon the number assigned to them at the draft table.

    The best way to bet on the NBA is with our odds guide. We have details on how you can win big, including what numbers usually come up when it’s your turn at bat!

  • EuroLeague

    The European basketball season wraps up with a midweek threesome that has drawn comparisons to soccer’s Champions League. The 16 best clubs from across the continent face off every week, often during their weekends’ domestic league programs and sometimes even on Thursday nights if they’re feeling spiteful enough!

    The EuroCup is a level below the European League. The winners of that go on to play in next season’s EUROLEAGUE!

  • Liga ACB

    The Spanish league is one of the best leagues outside of North American basketball, and it’s no surprise that fans there follow their teams closely.

  • Turkish Basketball Super League

    The Turkish Basketball League is one of the best leagues in Europe and two teams from this country make it onto our list. Anadolu Efes, based out Istanbul; they’re joined by Fenerbahce who play down south near Thessaloniki (Salonica).

  • Chinese Basketball Association

    Professional basketball has grown at an incredible rate in China over the past 20 years. The CBA or Chinese Basketball Association as it’s known to many people outside of the Asia-Pacific region is considered one level below NBA and strives for excellence with its own style which draws inspiration from American sports like football (soccer) culture but also includes elements such soccer balls.

    The CBA is a league with 20 teams, each playing one another twice. The season concludes after the conclusion of all games played to determine who will win bragging rights and be named champion!