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Skilled targeted assessment & treatment aimed at returning you to your ‘game’
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At Back Works our goal is to help you recover from injury and get back to your best physical ability. We provide friendly, professional service that is truly tailored to each patient’s individualized needs.


Our therapists place a great emphasis on educating our patients about the nature of the problems they are facing, as we believe patient involvement and understanding are key to success.




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How Can Physiotherapy Help You?

Physiotherapy is a provincially regulated, drug free health care profession. We use education, exercises, modalities and our hands-on techniques to help people recover from injury, restore function and reduce pain.

Your physiotherapist will use their advanced knowledge of how the body works and moves to perform a detailed assessment to diagnose your condition and look for any contributing factors to your symptoms.  The techniques used

by your physiotherapist are selected based on the combination of factors found in the assessment.  Each treatment

technique creates its own physiological effect in the body including:

  • restore lost motion of the joints of the body
  • improve the flexibility and mobility of muscle, fascia and nerves
  • reduce compression on nerves and blood vessels to reduce symptoms and increase circulation
  • reduce compressive load caused by muscle shortening that leads to wear and tear on the joint surface
  • correct any muscle imbalances that may be contributing to your condition by developing an individualized exercise program to stretch, strengthen or relax involved muscles as well as improve posture and motor control
  • stimulate optimal tissue healing of tendons, nerves, muscles, and ligaments
  • educate on self-treatment and preventative measures
  • reduce pain by stimulating the release of chemicals (endorphins) that help relieve pain
  • prepare the body for a return to activity


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